What is the PSP?

The President's Scholarship Program, as the title implies, is not monetary support alone for college. It is a financial and developmental investment in some of Georgia Tech's most outstanding incoming students. By action, not words, "PSs" pay it forward – and back – the moment they set foot on campus.


What We're Looking For

The PS community consists of academically driven students who seek to lead and to serve, pursuing goals to benefit the world around them.


How To Apply

If you aspire to excellence and leadership in a world increasingly integrated with technology, we hope that you will apply early to Georgia Tech...


Meet Our Students

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PSP Calendar

Application Deadline October 15, 2014

This is the early application deadline for Georgia Tech. You must apply by this date to be considered for the President's Scholarship.

Semifinalist Announcement January 17, 2015

This is the date when finalists will be announced. All early applicants to Georgia Tech will be notified of their semifinalist status via email by 5PM. Semifinalists will be offered interviews either in person or by video.

Semifinalist Interviews (2/7/15-2/8/15) February 7, 2015

These are the dates for semifinalist interviews. All interviews will be conducted on these days; the dates are non-negiotiable.

Finalist Announcement February 17, 2015

This is the date when finalists will be announced. All semifinalists will be notified of their finalist status via email by 5PM. Finalists will be invited to the President's Scholarship Weekend.

President's Scholarship Weekend (3/6/15-3/7/15) March 6, 2015

All finalists are required to attend this event on campus to be considered for the scholarship. This event is also when final interviews will be conducted.